This Sunday started out as a bit chilly but luckily the sun came out after awhile. I think we can all agree that dressing up on cold weather is probably the hardest task we ever go through.  The weather in Nairobi has been quite undecided and you just cross your fingers after dressing up hoping it doesn’t turn on you.


I chose this red, flowy, strappy dress with a print coat on top to flow with the beautiful sunshine outside.


The yellow belt and yellow ear-rings complemented the outfit and gave it a nice colourful outlook pleasant to the eyes.



I was dancing with the sun as its rays serenaded my face. Blame the sun if you can’t see my face :).






I finally stepped out in the sun to enjoy the effect of it falling on my face.



This was a simple but chic look, suitable for all body sizes. You could wear it with heels or flat shoes depending on your preference and mood. A subtle coloured bag or bright coloured bag would also work with it.

I would love to hear your comments on what you make of it.


Items courtesy of: gikscoutoure (Gikomba)




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