NEW POST: SUNDAY SPECIAL (Vintage Floral Skirt)

It was yet another Sunday, thanks be to God. I woke up with my voice refusing to do so with me. So spent the better part of the day whispering my sentiments when I’m not speaking like a guy who is just entering puberty. Anyway, my outfit this day was something I wore in December last year for a friend’s wedding. It was the first time I ever wore a skirt to a wedding, I normally do dresses but I loved it.


I told you I am a vintage girl, I don’t go looking for them they just find me 🙂


…and when they do, I decide to have fun in them.Image

I though that would help you get a close-up of the outfit….oh, another one, ok.


I totally love the top, it has a funkiness about it …can’t explain, just have another look..


Yea, I know I have one constant look with my face, I just can’t help forming my lips the way I usually do it just happens, look..


Then I figured, maybe if I looked away, it won’t be seen!!!


Maybe not…


Ok goodbye, have yourselves a lovely week.


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